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Welcome to Verified Dog Pedigrees!  We hope you will find this pedigree platform a useful tool for building your web site and providing pedigrees to your puppy buyers.  For dog owners, this will be a wonderful resource to research the history of your dogs.


To move around our site, please follow the directions below;


1) If you just want to look around, there are pages available for viewing without purchasing a membership.  You can read what we are all about on our Home page.  You can see what a VDP pedigree will look like.  The member links pages will help you discover who is using our service and is willing to provide verified information about their dogs to their prospective and current customers.


2) Once you decide to join VDP, you simply go to the Login button and hit the dropdown tab that says register.  That will take you to a registration page where you will provide some information and set up your user ID and Password.  You will see a page that says your registration has been sent to an administrator for verification and you will be informed when your registration is active.  We will respond as quickly as possible to release your registration.


3) Once you have received your email that says your registration has been accepted you can login to the website.  At that time you will choose your membership type.  We are currently offering three membership options.   When you log in after joining, just hit the login tab, don't use the register tab again. 


4) After you have joined VDP and chosen and paid for your membership, a new tab will be visible to you where you can search for any dogs that have already been entered on the database.  If you do not see the dog you would like to add, go back up to the search tab on the top, and "add new dog" will drop down.  Go ahead and add your dog along with any verification information you may have.  You can choose more than one breed and more than one registry for those dogs that are Australian Shepherds and also registered as Minis in a different registry.  Once you do that, if you attach registrations, tests or championships we will be alerted to verify the dog.  We will then go into the database and review the attached paperwork.  If everything looks correct, we will verify the dog, and the print on the pedigree will change to green or red.  Please give us some time to get that done for you.

If you have information on a dog that is currently in our database, please contact me via the Contact tab and let me know what you have.  We can then amend the information on the dog.  If you have entered a dog, you have the ability to edit or delete it.  Those tabs are down at the very bottom of the page when you use search to find the dog.  So you can enter verification information or anything else you wish at a later date.


5) If you wish to make a pedigree, bring up your dog under the search tab.  Scroll down the page until you see the pedigree.  On the right side you will see "Edit Pedigree".  Click on that button and the pedigree will open a series of drop boxes for you to choose from.  Some load all dogs automatically, and some can be changed individually per dog.  Once you have chosen the information you want on the pedigree hit "done editing".  The pedigree should fill.  Please be aware that there is only so much information that can be put in any single box, so you may have to adjust the amount of information you add, or may have to make separate pedigrees for registrations, tests and championships.

You can print the pedigree from the button at the bottom.  It will download to your computer and you can print it, or save it to add to your web site.  Please note that these pedigrees are copyrighted so you cannot change them or delete our logo.


6) If you are a breeder and would like to be added to our Members Links page please let us know the name of your kennel and the link you would like attached.  We would appreciate it if you added VDP as a link to your web site also.


Since we are a new database, please feel free to get in touch with us if something isn't working or you have a good idea how we could make things better or simpler.

Thank you for joining VDP!