Verified Dog Pedigrees

Verified Dog Pedigrees is a unique, web based pedigree program providing researched and verified pedigrees to our members. Verified Dog Pedigrees is different from our competitors or other pedigree databases on the web because we will be verifying the information that members download to us on their individual dogs. Other databases provide only member filled information, which can be wrong due to typing errors, false information, or incomplete information. We will verify registries, registration numbers, health tests and championships by requiring the upload of actual certificates from the member. (Members may also download dogs that they cannot verify information on, to complete their pedigrees)

At this time, the following breeds will be included in VDP:

  • Australian Shepherds
  • Miniature Australian Shepherds
  • Toy Australian Shepherds
  • Miniature American Shepherds

Thank you for checking out our pedigree database. We are continuing to load pedigrees from the back side of the web program along with our members entering their dogs. 


There are many benefits provided to our members, some of which are listed below;

  • A pedigree generated by VDP is one your customers can trust. They can be sure all the verified information provided has been screened by an independent source.
  • All pedigrees will self fill, so if a member is missing some information on a pedigree, it may be available to them within the data base.
  • It will be easy to determine what information on the pedigree is verified, and what information has been provided without certification.
  • Pedigrees will be created in a PDF format, allowing members to upload them to their web sites as well as print them for customers.
  • Pedigrees can be created with no registration numbers showing for those that do not want them published.
  • Pedigrees can be created with a number of different fill options, including combinations of registries, health information, championships etc. to make them individual to the breeder.
  • Each dog can be entered with up to five (6) different registries including registration numbers
  • Each dog can have all its health clearances entered
  • Each dog can have all its championships entered along with the organization issuing the championship and what type of championship was completed

There is nothing to download onto your computer, and nothing you need to back up. There will never be any fixes you have to upload, or new versions to add. The entire database is hosted on the web and available to all members at any time.

Please go to our sample page to see examples of pedigrees. Our logo will be included on each pedigree we generate so that members customers can be sure they are receiving a pedgree they can trust!

We also have a members page, where each member is listed. If you want your name, or your kennel name to be linked to your web site, please let us know, and we will be happy to provide that link. We would appreciate your linking back to us.


Verified Dog Pedigrees is now offering individual researched pedigrees.

These will be pedigrees with our logo suitable for printing or putting on your web site.  A researched pedigree 4 or 5 generation will be $45.00.  If I have only 3 generations the cost will be $25.00.  If I cannot get a full three generation, the pedigree is free.  Please contact us via our contact page for an invoice and to transfer the information we will need to generate your pedigree.  NSDR is currently charging $150.00 for an extended pedigree.


Anyone that would like their data entry done that purchases the standard program, we will be willing to do that for $2.50 per dog.